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Breda Xanthos Damasco


The Xanthos Damasco is a luxury grade semiautomatic shotgun. The Damasco’s titanium finish is offset by real gold inlays and engraving by the renowned bottega di Giovanelli. The fancy hand oiled walnut stocks help take this shotgun to the next level of elegance and taste.

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The Breda Xanthos is the pinnacle of quality, reliability, and uniqueness. The Xanthos uses the latest version of the inertia operating system originally conceived by Bruno Civolani, the founding father of modern inertia driven semiautomatic shotguns. Breda produces the Xanthos to the highest industrial standards. The result of Breda’s meticulous manufacturing processes is a shotgun that has superior accuracy and the highest ballistic output of any shotgun currently available on the market.


The Xanthos’ one piece steel receiver is produced using a proprietary manufacturing process that guarantees an evenly distributed steel thickness throughout the receiver. The Xanthos is the only semiautomatic shotgun produced today that is made completely out of steel. Despite its sturdy steel construction, the Xanthos remains as light as a semiautomatic shotgun made of aluminum alloy. Breda’s superior vertical lug locking system is combined with the inertia system to provide simple functionality and a high level of gun safety. Breda’s barrels are drilled from the highest quality steel available.This gives Breda barrels a significant advantage over lesser smooth bore barrels.


The Xanthos models are suitable for frequent hunting trips, as well as, recreational days on the skeet or sporting clay range. Xanthos models will reliably cycle loads from 2 ¾ inch 3 dram – 1oz. target loads to 3 inch duck loads.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 2 x 5 in
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