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Breda 930i


Introducing the Breda 930i – Sporting


The 930i will come in four (4) color combinations:  silver w/ red accents; silver w/ silver accents; black with silver accents; and black with red accents.

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  • Aluminum Trigger Guard – Milled from a solid block
  • Improved sporting trigger weight
  • Improved bolt handle and bolt release for professional use;
  • Enhanced sporting rib design: tapered rib form 10 to 8mm; LPA fiber optic sights
  • New barrel profile: longer forcing cone and improved bore for sporting use;
  • Larger¬†receiver improved for sporting use: heavier, wider and improved cartridges reloading spaces;
  • hand polished receiver by hand, steel-looking surface for a better style;
  • new sporting stock with regulation at comb. Kit of regulation included plastic washers;
  • new Cervellati improved recoil pad for recoil reduction;
  • new weight system that allowed the shooter to fit the weights included the case in front the forearm or inside the stock as well thank to a support installed;
  • 4 weights included in the case, 50gr each
  • long chokes 9cm: 7in/2out included High Performances
  • ABS professional case
Additional Information
Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 2 x 5 in
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